Anne Marie Shulman

After spending 20 years in sales for the custom packaging industry, Anne Marie started Montagne Custom Packaging. Her career focus has been to help clients achieve distinguishing branding with their packaging programs. She specializes in developing new concepts for her clients by building identity through colors and materials, helping clients develop their concept while remaining within budget, and coordinating multi-product programs. She enjoys helping clients with usage planning, supply logistics, and how to implement new brand design.

Anne Marie was raised in Atlanta, Georgia, graduated from Tulane University, and currently resides in Atlanta with her husband and two children. When she's not working, she plays tennis with her friends, cooking for her huge extended family, and traveling for work and pleasure. She directs six cooking teams for the Central Night Homeless shelter in downtown Atlanta every winter season.

You can reach Anne Marie to discuss your new custom packaging idea at 1-310-704-1752 or

Jessica McCormack

Jessica has worked in design and project managment for 17 years. After graduating from TCU she has lived in NYC and LA, working in the advertising industry. Since she started at Montagne in 2018 she has worked with many national and international jewelry retailers and designers bringing her design and brand experience expertise to Montagne Custom Packaging. She can help you develop a new program or refresh your old one!

Felicia Cornacchia

Felicia has over 10 years experience with customer service and inventory management, and 3 years experience in the jewelry packaging industry. She often is able to anticipate an issue before it becomes a problem. Her smart, friendly personality has allowed her to develop excellent relationships with our clients to help manage their inventory and shipping releases.