"Our signature packaging custom designed planned by Montagne has served as one of our wow factors in store. We wanted a packaging program that had personality and wouldn't be discarded after the purchase. To accomplish this the team at Montagne helped us develop a color pallet that allowed our brand new store to catch the clients attention and instantly have them associate our product with the color ways used in the packaging."

-Evan Krypell

Engagement Ring Boxes

making your packaging as special as your products

jewelry packaging

"The team at Montagne developed a 100% custom display program for our 5,000 square foot store. We showed them inspiration and they took it to the next level!"
- Evan Krypell

"There is no material or option that the team at Montagne will not help you source or custom create..... The word NO does not exist in their dictionary. All the materials we used were top quality..."

-Evan Krypell


Premium Packaging

Our packaging can enhance the experience of even the most prestigious brands. If you need packaging to reflect the exceptional quality of your product, we can help.

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